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#soldatladder is a channel on quakenet dedicated to playing custom cws/fcws,
Meaning we provide servers and stats/ladder for a range of gamemodes.
Mappack can be downloaded here.
Only clan war rounds, where two clans play against each other, are counted.
Clan is determined if all team players have same or very similiar tag in their nicks.
Minimum match is 2on2.
!cw [location] [mode] Example: !cw eu inf rents a european based infiltration server.
Available locations: EU NA
Available modes: CTF INF HTF TDM PM RM DM REAL
!cwstatus Shows current Status of the servers, available location and modes.
!cwstats [mode] [nick]Shows the stats for the specified mode and nick. Example !cwstats htf Major

Thanks goes to our supporters:, Stormuppen, PKS and darDar